Nicolas is an American author from Arizona. Though his day job consists of slinging code for apps and websites, writing is always his go to for a release from the numerous ideas and musings in his head. Being an author is a new thing, but he wants to pursue this as his passion.

Over many years, and after a lot of trial and error, several abandoned works lay at his feet. He created numerous worlds, characters and plots, but had to cast them aside. In each, however, a sliver of gold could be found. In 2018, Nicolas took the best bits of these several forsaken works and put them together, forming his largest story yet. This paved the way for From The Dark, his first completed draft ever.

His hobbies include reading from a seemingly never-ending pile of books, playing games, and writing (obviously). Nicolas also enjoys music to an absurd degree, so he is always on the lookout for more that catches his interest. Stargazing and astronomy is a hobby that had been abandoned, but he is getting into it again as of the beginning of 2020.

Nicolas Gram is a melomaniac, a nerd, and a video game enthusiast. He is also a bibliophile, an avid tabletop and D&D player, as well as a chronic day dreamer. Most of all, however, he is someone who is pursuing his passion for creating worlds. He hopes to be able to bring emotions out of, but also entertainment to, those who read his works.

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