At the beginning of this new year, as it is with most years, we set goals and aspirations for ourselves. Ideals we want or need to strive toward, for one reason or another, and projects that we want to accomplish. Call them resolutions, call them goals—whatever it may be, it is so very human.

I think we as humans have put a lot of stock on new beginnings since forever ago. Once that winter comes around, before or after, I think we as a people have always started making deep plans for ourselves. “If this winter passes, I will be doing X,” or, “Once the snow melts, we are going to get Y done.”

It makes sense if you think about it. We made it around the sun one more time and another year of our life has been spent. Who knows if we’ll survive the next one? We’re inching closer to that inevitable and we want to knock out whatever things we can on that list of stuff to accomplish before we die.

This is something that connects a lot of us, I feel, and for that I can only smile. To be human, to want to be in control of ourselves and our paths we choose—or perhaps have been chosen for us—and to look for ways to better enjoy this life we are given, is all so full of a sort of beauty.

Not always, of course.

There are things that get in the way. Barriers that get put up, by you or other forces, or roadblocks that bar passage toward your next destination. That seedy element often thought of as if destiny may want to intervene on your best laid plans and intentions. But, as with most things, they too pass and we set goals and aspirations once again after the next revolution of the earth around the fiery ball of light we depend on.

This year is no exception for this human.

My dreams have been shattered more times than I can count over the years—sabotaged by myself more often than not—but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming. 2019 brought me closer to my goals than I have been in a decade. In 2020, I aim to make many of them a reality.

I hope anyone who is struggling to make good on their personal ambitions can learn to take a step back and realize they’re not alone in this endeavor. While the path they are walking may or may not be winding and lonely, their intention and the meaning behind their aspirations is universal. We want to better ourselves, and we want to reach that next checkpoint in life where we can feel accomplished, one way or another.

We’re human, and as humans, we are going to do whatever it takes to accomplish the things we want to do, despite pain and sacrifice.

In solidarity, proving that no goal is too trivial, here are mine. If I could accomplish even one of these, I will deem 2020 a successful year after many non-successful ones. I’m sure many can relate to that sentiment.

  • Finish editing From The Dark and get it published.
  • Finish writing Black Rose Noble and/or Untitled WIP #2. Not sure I like my tentative title.
  • Get back to, and finish writing, my very poorly written serial of the prequel to From The Dark called Delinquents of Aristes Academy. It’s online right now, reads like a bad web novel, and it’s a mess, but I want to finish it up. No, I won’t link it because of shame.
  • Write 500+ words daily towards my WIP.
  • Move away from Arizona. This one is the one I most want to accomplish.
  • Get into a shape that is less round. This is a WIP all of its own, but I made great strides last year.
  • Love myself. The penultimate goal, I suppose, next to being happy.

I feel that these goals are doable, with varying degrees of difficulty. I have a lot of plans and a lot of inspiration to accompany these, but ultimately it comes down to discipline. That is something I am working on as well.

So, here we are in 2020 and looking at a new decade of opportunity. I guess we shouldn’t keep it waiting.



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