From The Dark is the first in a multi-part saga of a world fighting on the brink of despair, and a pair of twins caught in the middle of it.

In a world where Magicka has been re-discovered, widely adopted by Magicians, and abused for centuries, calamity has struck once more.

As the world is being quickly overrun, Remi Naslund is out of time in more ways than one. Joining the Wayfarer’s Union, he seeks the assistance of past friends and enemies to gather clues for a solution to fix the broken world. All signs point him toward the Direlands, and he soon finds himself deep within the vast forest hoping for answers.

Short Stories

A Witch’s Ken follows Amelia, a young woman who finds herself dealing with several frightening and bizarre paranormal events on her birthday. These events lead her to discover there’s more to her life than meets the eye.

Part of an anthology of 13 other wonderful stories from talented authors, A Witch’s Ken can be considered an origin story for Amelia Cantryl.